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Secure Your Media and Data with iconik Shield

Published on
December 1, 2022

Secure Your Media and Data with iconik Shield

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Published on
December 1, 2022
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As a MAM technology provider on the leading edge, iconik is committed to protecting your media at all costs. The release of iconik Shield is a part of our ongoing efforts to keep your data safe and secure. With this, you can add an extra layer of protection to your security stack, ensuring that your media is always protected.

Introducing iconik Shield

Iconik Shield is a new service that can be layered on top of iconik's standard security features that delivers the highest level of protection for media with features like IP allowlists and audit log streaming. 

Here's iconik Shield in 90 seconds:

What's Possible with iconik Shield?

Now, let's take a look at the features of iconik Shield. There are two premium security features that come with iconik Shield, and each one delivers powerful ways to secure your content.

IP Allowlist

Organizations today are increasingly reliant on their data and media to drive their decisions. At the same time, data breaches are becoming more common and more costly. As a result, it's more important than ever for organizations to control access to their data.

One way to do this in iconik is with iconik Shield's IP Allowlist which offers granular control.

This feature allows you to limit who can access your iconik tenant and from where they can access it. With this, security teams can do things like limit exposure by limiting which IP addresses users can access iconik from. They can also restrict iconik access to whole IP ranges to only allow access from within their corporate network.

The IP Allowlist will also allow you to restrict high-privileged app keys, users, and user groups to specific IP addresses to limit where they can connect from. For everyone else, there are limitless options. You could configure a range of IP addresses for all employees to access iconik from while another group of contractors in another location could have additional IP addresses just for their region.

Beyond IP addresses, the allowlist can also include a list of CIDR prefixes from where users are allowed to access the service. And whatever you configure in the allowlist will be enforced for all users, both in the iconik GUI and via API.

This is a great form of access control for expanding organizations.

Log Streaming

With the rise in cyber-attacks, it is more important than ever to respond swiftly to security threats and suspicious activity. By having a way to see where your iconik is going, and who is accessing it, you can identify and block suspicious activity before it becomes a problem.

The Log Streaming feature of iconik Shield feeds the iconik audit log stream directly to your SIEM system. With near real-time logs, you can reduce incident response times and react to threats in a more timely manner.

Your log of iconik activity can be streamed and backed up into your own security infrastructure. It's possible to set up multiple message buses to receive the log stream and send messages to both Google Cloud Pub/Sub and Amazon AWS SQS.

Audit logs like this will help security teams identify potential security issues, investigate incidents, track user activity, and assess the impact of potential security breaches. 

A Part of iconik’s Three-tier Security Offering 

With even more premium security features for media protection, iconik Shield is the perfect solution for businesses that need to control access to their iconik account and reduce incident response times. Iconik Shield is just the latest addition to a long list of security features in iconik. Every iconik account includes iconik's standard security features to deliver constant protection and granular control.

1. iconik Shield

Premium security features for the highest level of access control and near real-time surveillance over iconik audit logs. 

  • IP Allowlist
  • Log Streaming

2. IT Security Features 

Features that are built into iconik and active at all times.

  • Encryption
  • Secure Protocols
  • Secure Hybrid Cloud Storage
  • AI Intrusion Detection
  • Password Hashing
  • Regular Backups 
  • Regular Penetration Testing

3. Media Protection Features

User-level features that can be used for more protection of your media assets and their data.

  • Rights & Roles Management
  • Custom Metadata Views
  • Editable Share Links
  • Asset Blocking
  • Asset Warning Labels

Setting Up iconik Shield

You can turn on the iconik Shield for your iconik account in the iconik admin page. Note that this option will incur an additional cost. Up-to-date pricing information can be found at in the ADVANCED section of the estimate calculator.

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