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Media Management & Collaboration

Iconik is a cloud-native solution that gathers and organizes media securely from any storage. You also get hassle-free media collaboration and powerful automation features. Iconik is easy to use from any device.

What’s new in iconik – Share management

There's a new Share Management UI that makes it easy to see what your team is sharing from your iconik domain and who’s looking.


How will you use iconik?

Out of the box, iconik includes feature sets for every stage of your media’s lifecycle.

Media Management
Search & Recovery
Filtered Searches
Saved Searches
Metadata Tagging
File Transfers
File Relations
Bulk Actions
Post Production
Remote Media Access
Remote Video Editing
iconik Panel for Adobe
Proxy Workflow
Video Collaboration
File Relations
Comments as Time-based Markers in Premiere Pro
Review & Collaboration
File Sharing
Collection Sharing
Review & Approve
Time-based Comments
Draw on Annotations
Version Control
Invite Anyone to Collaborate
iconik API
3rd Party Integration
Custom Actions
AI Transcription
AI Auto-tagging
Send and Receive Files Through iconik

Integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud

Built for the Cloud

To manage media today, you need a flexible solution that can grow with your organization and how you work. That's where iconik enters.


Gather People Around Media

Collaborate on media in iconik. You and your team will always have access the media you need.

No more waiting for emails, links and massive downloads! Communication around media is easy with collaboration features like these:

Asset and Collection Sharing

Time-based Comments

Review and Approve

The Hybrid Cloud

Rise to the Hybrid Cloud.

The hybrid cloud utilizes both cloud and on-premise storage. You can move media where you need it, when you need it.

Bring Your Own Storage

In iconik, your original files can live anywhere you choose. Your existing cloud or on-premise storage can be organized and searchable in one place with smaller proxy files in the cloud.

“Iconik has made it so easy to share media with external users. Everyone has access to what they need and we have more time for generating new content.”

Guillaume Jouhet

CEO, Orange Cinéma Séries

What Our Customers
are Saying

From small teams to large organizations, iconik is changing how people use media in 13+ industries through a growing number of creative use cases.

One of the most appealing things about iconik is that it's a one-stop shop for post-production. We've been able to streamline our workflow significantly by combining asset management with the sharing, collaboration, and transcription tools inside iconik.

Ben Meadors
Manager, Post-production Technology | Spotify

Iconik has helped us understand what is possible and has turned a fragmented set of media assets into a coherent and valuable archive resource.

Janine Fourie
Director | Ginkgo Agency

Iconik has let us work remotely when we didn't have a choice. It's definitely going to change the way we work.

Jermaine Harell
Media Infrastructure and Technology Manager | Complex Networks

Iconik has allowed our distributed team of 100+ creatives to collaborate in ways that no other solution allows. Whenever we finish a shoot at any of our 7 studios, it immediately appears in iconik for the whole team to find, whether they are working from home, the office, or out in the field shooting. It's a game changer!

Ray Tarara
Producer | Google
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