What’s new with iconik

Discover the latest updates and enhancements across the iconik platform. Stay connected, stay informed, and unlock new possibilities for your creative projects.

What’s new with iconik

Discover the latest updates and enhancements to our revolutionary iconik platform. Stay connected, stay informed, and unlock new possibilities for your creative projects.

Most Recent Update

Subclipping – Your shortcut to spotlighting video

Subclipping is a new way to clip out and highlight moments in your videos that you want everyone to see. By defining precise in/out markers in your longer video, you can create “Subclip assets” that will be indexed as a separate, new asset.

From there, you can do all the things with Subclips that you can with regular assets: search for them, share them, tag them with additional metadata, set up access controls, and add comments.

We’ve also released many other features and improvements:

☑️ Favorite assets on the iconik home page

☑️ Multi-value metadata fields

☑️ Words per line for subtitles

☑️ Support for AVIF images

☑️ And more!

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Other Updates

Introducing the
Final Cut Pro x iconik integration

The new iconik x Final Cut Pro integration accelerates the creative process for your video editors, making it easy for them to search their iconik media library and open assets on any storage in Final Cut Pro for editing. Once an edit is ready, rendered projects can be easily returned to iconik for archive, collaboration, and reuse.

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Find your media – fast

The content you need for your FCP projects is just a few clicks away.

One-step download/import

Simplified file transfers. Simply select your media and open it in FCP.

Collaborate on video

Send renders and metadata back to iconik for review and feedback with unlimited collaborators.

Share with ease

Effortlessly share edited videos with anyone, anywhere – iconik makes it easy.

The Adobe Panel gets an update!

Accessing, managing, and collaborating on your media assets via your Adobe workspace just got a whole lot easier. Quickly access saved searches, open your favorite assets with just a few clicks, and keep your Adobe projects organized so everyone knows where to find what they need- all made possible with the new Adobe Panel.

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“Favorites” are in the Panel

Quick access to your most-loved media inside your projects

Keep Adobe Projects Tidy

Require uploads from Adobe projects to save to Collections

Everything in its Right Place

Upload new Premiere project media to the same iconik Collection

Find what you need, fast

One-click access to your saved searches in the Panel

Accelerated Content Creation from iconik & Wildmoka

This new workflow integration pairs Wildmoka's robust media production and distribution platform with iconik's easy-to-use and cost efficient media management features.

What is Wildmoka?

Wildmoka, a Backlight product, is a cloud-native platform that enables media production and distribution from any source to any digital destination, in any format, at speed, and at scale.

Bring your media to market faster

Discover a new live-to-archive workflow. Connect iconik and Wildmoka to effortlessly manage, access, and distribute your valuable content – easily and quickly.

The New iconik x cineSync Integration Brings High-quality, Synced Reviews

Emmy-winning review and approval comes to iconik! The cineSync x iconik integration combines high-quality, secure media review and collaboration with accessible MAM to help companies streamline workflows, maximize revenue, and keep clients happy.

High-quality review

Upload your iconik media into cineSync for real-time media review. You can review high-res, high frame rate, HDR content in its original colour, all in interactive sync with others.

Absolute security

cineSync is one of the most secure media review and approval solutions available. No media ever passes through cineSync's servers or those of a third party. cineSync keeps your content safe.

And there's more!

What’s New in iconik – Custom share titles, bulk approve/reject, new metadata types, and more!

What’s New in iconik – Link Assets, Easier Downloads from Shares, and More

Iconik is Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace