People and media aligned

Today’s diverse generation of storytellers require agility and connection to media and each other at all times — and that’s exactly what iconik does. We bridge the distances between departments and continents so creators can share bigger stories.

You needed something different, so here it is.

We won’t bother talking much about the obvious; like how life has gone digital or how global teams and remote work are here to stay.

😉 You’re smart, you get it.

We just figured that if this wondrous digital age has removed boundaries everywhere else, then why not free up how we manage media as well.

The old stuff didn't work for everyone.

At one time, media asset management solutions (MAMs) were mostly used by big media guys with big money.

Then the internet happened, and every organization, both big and small, began to use media to tell their stories.

As media libraries swelled, there were growing pains. New media pioneers couldn’t find their media and existing MAMs were not very accessible. 😓

But there was hope in the North.

🇸🇪 One day in Sweden, our founders, with decades of media tech experience, had a vision of something new that would change the media management game and help a lot of people.

This game-changing solution would:

Destroy the shackles that restricted on-premise storage

Ascend to the heavens, bounding between whatever cloud storage and services it needed to

Unite creative people in one space around their media, forming a collective hive-mind to create the biggest stories the world has ever seen!

The vision was unleashed and the whiteboard was a mess as our founders collapsed into their chairs to the sound of the team’s office-appropriate cheering!

‍After a short fika (Swedish coffee break) we began to build iconik.

Welcome to the dawn of free-range SaaS.

As our majestic SaaS stallion began to take shape, we made sure it was agile enough to go wherever your media journey takes you.

We also happen to believe that iconik users are some of the smartest and most creative people in the world, and that they need the freedom to use iconik however they want!

At every turn, our users can choose their own adventure, adding and mixing creative solutions for the media workflows they need.

❤️ This openness has turned into a bit of a love story. Creatives and developers both love iconik, and we love them right back.

(Seriously, our service is phenomenal.)

Media management for everyone!

In 2017, iconik was released 🎉
Since then, iconik has been used as:

A one-stop-shop for post-production

A media platform to build upon

A platform to tie together complex media systems

  • A media management solution
  • A collaboration hub
  • A one-stop-shop for post-production
  • A media platform to build upon
  • A platform to tie together complex media systems

iconik is a Backlight solution

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