The Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud utilizes both cloud and on-premise storage. This allows you to move media where you need it, when you need it. It's the most agile way to manage media.

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iconik is Made for the
Hybrid Cloud

Wherever you store media, iconik® can manage it all. You can have a holistic view of all your assets no matter where they live.

You Get the Benefits of
Cloud Storage

iconik has been natively built for the cloud.

Always Available
Global Access
No IT Maintenance Costs
Extremely Secure
The Hybrid Cloud Gives You a Holistic View of All Your Assets No Matter Where They Live.
You Get the Benefits of
On-Premise Storage

iconik will also manage your hi-res on-premise assets. Proxy versions are indexed and searchable in the cloud even while your original media is stored locally.

Quick Access to Large Files
Familiarity with Existing On-Premise System
Available Locally
Security Against Remote Threats

Bring your own storage.

Bring any of your existing cloud or on-premise storages into iconik. Your original files can live anywhere you choose.

Use the ISG to Manage
On-premise Storage
From the Cloud

The iconik Storage Gateway (ISG) is at the core of our hybrid cloud approach. This video explains how it works.

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