Pricing in iconik is tailored to your needs and actual usage

Say goodbye to wasted resources. Only pay for what you use.

Only active users are billed. Users who do not log into iconik during the calendar month will not incur charges.
Non-paid users do not need user accounts, and they can still access assets and collections that are shared with them.
User accounts are assigned to a single individual.

Start small, think big, scale as needed

Here's what you get with cloud media management

No minimums

No large investments are required to start with iconik. Pay only for what you need, when you need it. Start small and scale up when you are ready.

No commitments

Expand or reduce your iconik resources to fit your needs from month to month. You’ll never pay for unused storage or inactive users.


Your media needs will fluctuate. In iconik, pricing is based on your actual usage, so you will never pay for more than you need.


Pay monthly, or buy credits in advance for a bonus. iconik’s easy-to-understand usage reports allow admins to monitor and forecast needs.

Fair billing

Only pay for “active users”, those who have accessed iconik during the month. If only 15 of your 50 users use iconik, then you only pay for those 15.


The iconik media management platform is extremely elastic. It allows you to expand or contract the size of your iconik resources.

Level up your media workflow 🚀

Iconik is agile enough to fit into your existing workflows or completely change how you use media.

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Being in the video production business for 25 years, this is the best support team I’ve ever seen.

Rod Reding
Owner | Rel Online

The cadence of releases from iconik is great, as well as how quickly they process feedback and offer help. Their team is very responsive to their customers. It’s been the perfect tool for us to iterate quickly or over the long-term.

Jack Skinner
Vice Media Technology

I would recommend iconik to any company that wants a powerful, easy to manage, easy to scale media management solution for a reasonable cost.

Cédric Pierre-Louis
Producer | Director Of Programming,
African Fiction Channels, THEMA

The fact that I can set our people up with a new tool and they can get started, without much assistance from me, just speaks to how intuitive iconik is.

Colin Huse
Post Production Facilities Manager | Poker Central
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