Technology Partners

Companies listed as iconik technology partners have collaborated with iconik to validate and share a joint solution. Companies and products listed here have proven they can easily integrate with iconik’s smart media management solution.


Integrate iconik with your AWS products like Amazon S3 storage, Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Transcribe.

AWS Elemental

Integrate storage and AI products from AWS by bringing your license for services like Amazon S3 storage, Amazon Rekognition, and Amazon Transcribe

Adobe Creative Cloud

Using the iconik panel for Adobe allows you to search for and add media from iconik without leaving your projects. The same panel allows you to resolve missing files and upload and share entire projects with others.

Azure Cloud Storage

Integrating Azure Cloud Storage with iconik will create and sync proxy versions of your content in iconik.

BASE Media Cloud

BASE Media Cloud is a managed cloud services provider offering cloud storage, file transfer, media libraries, remote working and content distribution.

Backblaze B2

Integrate Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage with iconik to add powerful search and management tools and proxy workflows for your content in the cloud.

BeBop Technology

Iconik works fluidly with the BeBop OS to enable remote and virtual post-production workflows, including running popular creative software on powerful computers in the cloud, and collaboration tools for review and approval, secure links for sharing content and streams, and cloud-optimized file transfers. Bebop is a powerful remote virtual post-production platform.


CineSys has developed several custom applications using the iconik API. Now you can bulk download your iconik collections and files, reveal local files from iconik in your Mac’s file system and more.


Flexify.IO allows Iconik customers to seamlessly migrate their data across cloud providers at cloud-native speeds.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is natively integrated with iconik to offer the same cloud storage and AI services used by Google.

IBM Cloud

Integrating iconik with IBM Cloud object, block and file storage services will allow you to create proxy versions of your files in iconik for faster editing.

Jellyfish by OWC

Iconik integrates directly with the Jellyfish and indexes all of its media allowing your team to organize, tag and search assets from anywhere in the world, over the web.


Integrate Kyno with iconik to add more workflows around media management and video collaboration.


LucidLink’s cloud file service provides iconik users with streaming access to media assets enabling real-time editing and collaboration from anywhere.


Connect iconik to MASV and create sharable upload portals. This allows for the fast transfer of large media files directly into an iconik collection.

Object Matrix

Connect iconik to Object Matrix’s MatrixStore storage platforms. Using an S3 interface, iconik connects to MatrixStore Cloud for all the cloud workflows. The iconik Edge server connects via MXFS to MatrixStore On-Prem and delivers additional performance for UHD content.


Integrate iconik with Open Drives’ on-premise data storage for media and imaging workflows, to automatically generate proxies locally and sync them in the cloud. Media will be indexed in iconik to allow you to organize, tag, and search assets from anywhere in the world.

Postlab Drive

Integrate iconik with Postlab Drive to Turn your Drive into an independent ISG. Every media file that is uploaded to Drive is automatically cataloged, transcoded, and instantly available inside iconik - whether your editors work with proxies or originals.

Transcribe media with AI. Rev’s speech engine has learned from 50,000+ hours of human-transcribed content from a wide range of topics, industries, and accents. Rev is the default transcription service in iconik.


Integrating Telestream Vantage or Vantage Cloud Port with iconik allows you to create proxy files on-premise and in the cloud.


Veritone allows iconik users to easily store, share, and monetize their content by publishing directly to Veritone Digital Media Hub. An AI-powered cloud solution, Digital Media Hub gives rights holders full global controlled access of their content and the option to easily monetize it through a white-labeled licensing platform.

Wasabi Cloud Storage

Connect iconik to Wasabi’s hot cloud storage with great value and speed. There are no egress or API request fees.

Workflow Intelligence Nexus

WIN builds advanced automated AI workflows, custom user interface components, and integration with a wide variety of applications to help customers get the most value from their iconik system and brings intelligence and structure to all of your data.

iX Systems

Integrating the iconik storage gateway, TrueNAS offers NAS/SAN/Cloud protocols, and scales to 10PB with unlimited snapshots and checksums.