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What’s New in iconik – Custom share titles, bulk approve/reject, new metadata types, and more!

Published on
April 24, 2024
Chris McMahon

What’s New in iconik – Custom share titles, bulk approve/reject, new metadata types, and more!

Chris McMahon
Published on
April 24, 2024
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  • Personalize your shares with custom titles: Add custom titles to shared collections and assets to make them more relevant to external partners.
  • New time/date metadata field type: Metadata fields now support date and time.
  • Bulk approve/reject: Streamline your asset approval processes with the ability to update multiple assets simultaneously.
  • Human-readable durations: View durations in a clear H:M:S:F format, making managing video content easier.
  • Export location name visibility in Jobs: Identify and troubleshoot export locations within your workflows.
  • View collection paths: See relationships and navigate through your virtual folder structures with visible collection paths.

We've got some exciting new updates for you over at iconik! We've been hard at work developing new features that simplify how you manage your media.

We’ve designed these improvements to make it easier for you to view, share, and organize your assets in a straightforward, practical, and intuitive way.

Let’s dive into what we've rolled out to make your daily workflows smoother and more efficient.

“Partnering with iconik has been a game-changer for! As a global, all-remote team producing a substantial amount of content on a regular basis, we needed a dynamic media asset management solution that could truly keep pace with our unique and demanding content landscape. Iconik not only listens but also actively incorporates customer feedback, transforming our needs into features that enhance our workflows and improve the toolset at large. The recent integration of custom share titles and improved visibility of collection paths are perfect examples of how their responsive development aligns with our operational demands. We're excited about these updates and look forward to continuing our journey with iconik's collaborative and innovative team, which is committed to paving the way for the future of media management!”
Ben Attias, Media Asset Manager,

Personalize your shares with custom titles

We understand that the internal names you use for your collections and assets might not always resonate with external users. That's why we're pleased to introduce the option to add custom titles to your shares in iconik.

Now, you can move beyond default labels and personalize how you present your collections or assets. When you share a collection, you'll find a new field waiting for you: "Custom Title." Use it to create a name that speaks directly to your recipients. This title will be prominently displayed when collaborators receive, access, or review the shared content, ensuring they know what they’re working with from stage one. 

Introducing the new time/date metadata field type

We're pleased to introduce a new addition to our metadata capabilities—a field type that supports date and time! Previously, while our date fields could hold both types of information, they didn't allow for the display or editing of specific time details. Understanding how critical precision is in your workflows, we've developed this dedicated field type to meet your needs. Now, you can easily access and modify time details right in your metadata fields. So, whether you're coordinating content releases or implementing embargoes, this enhanced feature ensures effective and efficient management of these operations.

Bulk approve or reject assets in approval status

We know that dealing with asset approvals one by one can be tedious, especially when you're handling a large volume. That’s why we’ve simplified the process, allowing you to approve or reject multiple assets simultaneously. Whether you're working with the contents of a collection or assets identified in a search, you can approve or reject them in bulk. This action will apply recursively down a tree of collections, ensuring that all relevant assets are updated accordingly, lightening your administrative load and speeding up your workflow.

Display asset durations as Hour/Minute/Second/Frame

We've made a handy update to how iconik displays asset durations in search results. Previously, iconik presented all duration information in milliseconds—a format that, while precise, wasn't the easiest to interpret quickly. Now, we've shifted to a more user-friendly approach using the SMPTE format (Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Frames). This change means you can now glance at duration details and immediately grasp them without doing any mental conversions. It’s all about making the interface that little bit more intuitive.

Visibility of export location in jobs – see where your content is headed

We've upgraded our job management tools to enhance your export tracking experience. Now, whenever you check the status of jobs in iconik, the export location will be visible. This applies whether your job involves a single export or multiple exports. For jobs that handle multiple exports, each subjob will show its specific export location, making it easier for you to keep tabs on every detail. If applicable, we'll also provide an overview of export locations for the main job, boosting your ability to quickly oversee and coordinate where each piece of content is headed.

Improved visibility of collection paths via Relations

We're always looking for ways to make managing your assets in iconik as intuitive as possible. With that in mind, our latest update brings a useful enhancement: now you can view the collection path or your collections directly within Relations. This feature helps you effortlessly pinpoint the exact location of your collections within your asset management structure and simplifies your navigation process, enabling you to manage and organize your assets more effectively. It’s just another way we’re ensuring you can focus on what’s important—your content.

We hope these features are helpful to you in your day-to-day iconik experience. 

If you have any questions or if there's anything you'd like to discuss, please feel free to reach out to our support team. We're here to help and ensure that your experience with iconik remains as valuable as possible.

You can see the whole list of tweaks and improvements in this latest release – as well as other recent updates – via iconik's release notes.

Until next time!

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