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Link Assets, Easier Downloads from Shares, and More

Published on
July 10, 2023
Danielle Harper
iconik Blog

Link Assets, Easier Downloads from Shares, and More

Neil Anderson, Codemill
Guest Author
Published on
July 10, 2023
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The media industry is no stranger to a make-over. From digital revolutions to cloud-based transformation and even the rise of remote work, our post-production workflows have been reimagined many times. 

Nowadays post-production and content teams need it all:

  1. Improved efficiency
  2. Enhanced content creation
  3. Supercharged editing processes
  4. And all the above at their fingertips

The fast and efficient management and processing of media assets has become crucial, and as a result, integrations have an increasingly important part to play. 

Like iconik, Codemill values its partner ecosystem. The recent integration between Accurate.Video and iconik combines cloud-native content processing and media asset management to bring advanced functionality to users. Like a match made in heaven (or at least in the cloud), the combination of these two solutions meet the needs of an industry that’s always evolving. 

What is Accurate.Video?

To optimize workflows, media teams must harness the power of metadata. During post-production metadata is the secret sauce that boosts searchability, ensures consistency, and improves collaboration.
Accurate.Video is a cloud-native product suite that streamlines labor-intensive media workflows by reducing manual processing with time-based metadata visualization for quality control and validation workspaces.

Accurate.Video provides professional media QC and validation, advanced audio features, and support for subtitles, closed captions, annotations, and markers. A comprehensive set of tools that makes it the perfect partner for iconik.

Four Reasons Why  the Accurate.Video and iconik Integration Works so Well

  1. Both solutions are cloud-native and support browser-based content workflows, so they’ve got the same values. Iconik provides a secure environment for users to gather, organize, and manage media assets seamlessly, utilizing the power of metadata to enhance search accuracy. This provides a stable foundation for solutions like Accurate.Video to build more value. 
  2. Both solutions were built for collaborative, professional media workflows and designed to optimize asset processing, and they know how to look good doing it!
  3. Both solutions emphasize metadata visualization, enriching assets with valuable information that enhances searchability and content management. 
  4. Iconik's AI-driven processes generate transcriptions and extract detailed visual metadata, while Accurate.Video enables users to create and import time-based metadata for essential edits and media segmentation.

What are the features of the integration?

The coupling of Accurate.Video and iconik offers several advanced features to enhance media asset management and streamline content workflows: 


The integration provides users with robust and advanced validation functionality. It ensures media assets remain accurate and reliable throughout the workflow. It promotes consistency and real-time collaboration between post-production teams, meaning users can interact with and verify comments, markers, and annotations with accuracy. 

Advanced audio/subtitle features

Users can leverage advanced audio and subtitle functionality, including the ability to import, edit and synchronize multiple audio and subtitle tracks with precision. Users can import diverse audio and subtitle tracks, listen to muxed audio tracks, and align audio elements accurately with video content. 

Manual QC

The integration enables manual quality control, allowing users to closely examine media assets for any potential issues or imperfections. Manual QC involves visually inspecting the content frame by frame, verifying accuracy, clarity, and other visual attributes. Users can flag errors or mark QC as approved - automatically triggering the next process in the chain. 


The integration facilitates efficient logging of media assets by providing intuitive tools for creating detailed annotations and markers. Users can add metadata, comments, and markers at specific points in the media, making it easier to navigate and reference important sections during the content creation and editing process. This logging feature enhances collaboration, improves communication, and streamlines the overall workflow. 

How do iconik users benefit?

The connection of both platforms provides a unified approach to content processing, validation, and quality control. It simplifies workflows, eliminates the need to switch between applications, and combines Accurate.Video's capabilities with iconik's best-in-class media previewing functionality. Users can ensure content meets the highest quality standards and deliver exceptional media experiences to their audience with efficiency and ease. Without ever leaving the iconik environment that they know and love. 

Users can seamlessly connect their assets from within iconik to the Accurate.Video workspace. This allows users to reference all associated metadata, comments, markers, and annotations in Accurate.Video. Any changes or renders made by media operators in Accurate.Video are automatically updated and stored in iconik, ensuring that the latest modifications are consistently reflected across both platforms. 

Connecting iconik with Accurate.Video takes the relationship between the two solutions to the next level. Not only does it represent a significant advancement in the streamlining of media workflows, but it also enhances day-to-day content creation and editing processes for users. 

Contact Codemill to get started with Accurate.Video 

About Codemill

Codemill (Nasdaq: CDMIL) is a leading full stack custom software developer for the Media and Entertainment industry. Codemill’s Accurate.Video product suite, Cantemo MAM and Accurate Player SDK, power the World’s leading broadcast, VOD/OTT and Media Supply Chain platforms and Media Asset Management workflows. Codemill's clients are major Hollywood studios including Paramount Global, broadcasters such as the BBC, ITV and ProSieben.Sat1, VOD/OTT services including Joyn, along with publishers and brands such as The Guardian.
For more information, please visit 

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