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Bring Your own AI to iconik

Published on
April 24, 2019

Bring Your own AI to iconik

Steve Ferris
Published on
April 24, 2019
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Good news! Our team has been finding new ways to help you discover and share your media. Here’s what you’ll find in the latest release of iconik.

Bring your own AI license

Adding intelligence to your content is a game-changer, but maybe you already knew that and have your own AI license. Good call!

Now you can bring your own AI licenses for Google Vision, Google Video intelligence or Amazon Rekognition. And support for more AI solutions will be available. Your iconik system will now use your license in place of the default license.

Bring your AI license to iconik

Player In/Out Marker Buttons

Perhaps you need to send a video from a recent CEO keynote to your video team, but there’s one part that was notably amazing.

Previously, marking a segment in the iconik media player could be done with the “i” and “o” keys, and now we’ve also added buttons to add your in and out points into the player UI. Mark it, add a time-based comment, and the video team know exactly what to do.

Bulk Metadata Updates On Saved Searches

Imagine one of your saved searches in iconik matches all the assets for one of your company’s products. You were just asked to add a new tag with the version number to every one of the 500+ assets in that saved search.

No worries, it’s easy. You can now update the metadata in bulk for all the assets in your saved searches.

iconik Storage Gateway (ISG) Improvements

If your global team needs access to your media in the cloud, now that can cost less.

With the new iconik Edge Transcoder, you have a special build of the ISG that can run as a standalone transcoder for your cloud storages. As long as your storages are in the same region, this transcoder will reduce your egress costs.

More ISG Improvements

  • Now iconik gives you the option to allow an ISG to download or upload files that live outside the scanned directories.
  • If you want see logs of the latest errors or warnings, you can now see that from inside the storage configuration page.

We’ve also added this!

  • You can now use filter searches for saved searches as well.
  • If you’ve added a custom logo to your iconik system UI, it will now appear in the emails sent by iconik.

And we fixed a few things

For a complete list of everything we’ve improved in iconik, you can visit our release notes here.

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