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Iconik Proxy-edit Workflow Shortlisted for “Best Remote Production” Solution Award

Published on
July 27, 2022
Steve Ferris

Iconik Proxy-edit Workflow Shortlisted for “Best Remote Production” Solution Award

Steve Ferris
Published on
July 27, 2022
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The CSI Awards, organized by CSI Magazine (Cable and Satellite International Magazine), celebrate excellence and achievement in the OTT, broadcast, video, and IoT sectors. These coveted awards recognize companies who are making a major difference in the industry.

We're excited to share that iconik has been shortlisted by CSI for its 2022 CSI Award for "Best Remote Production" solution!

Here's why:

Recent enhancements to iconik’s proxy-edit workflow features allow creators to do more in less time with the media they have. The network effect of these updates is a shorter time to market for new media and a smooth, intuitive editing experience for remote teams.

Managing media is one thing, but being able to easily, quickly and effectively leverage it to meet business challenges is another—and that’s where iconik delivers real value. 

What is a Proxy-editing Workflow?

Proxy-editing workflows have been a part of iconik since its beginning, but adoption of these workflows accelerated during the pandemic. In this type of workflow, low-resolution copies of video are used during the editing process instead of original full resolution videos. 

As a result, the editing experience is smoother and faster since the computer doesn't have to process as much data.

Iconik was built for the hybrid cloud, utilizing both on-premise storage and cloud storage, so it lent itself perfectly to teams with on-premise storage who needed to do proxy editing from a remote location. 

Iconik can manage assets from on-premise storage in the cloud with the iconik Storage Gateway (ISG). This is a major innovation that sits at the core of iconik’s hybrid cloud structure. It allows organizations to move their data to the cloud as needed when necessary. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, iconik customers like COMPLEX, OXFAM, PokerGO, and Google were able to take advantage of iconik’s hybrid cloud structure to quickly move video-centric work into the homes of their editors. 

“Iconik has made it much easier for our team to find and organize footage. Thankfully we had already implemented iconik as a crucial part of our team's workflow prior to going remote, it has made the transition much easier. We're now transitioning to having our content creators record from home and deliver to our remote editors, and iconik is making it much easier to achieve this”

- Ray Tarara, Google Developer Studio, Operations

How has iconik Made Proxy-editing Better? 

Over the last year, iconik has invested a lot in its proxy editing workflows and the iconik+Adobe integration that helps to facilitate them.

Here are the five recent major enhancements:

1. Open Collection Proxies

From the iconik panel in an Adobe Premiere Pro workspace, users can add proxy versions for all the media within an iconik collection. With a few clicks, an editor can access all the videos they need within a short time to begin making cuts.

2. Proxy Editing with MOGRT Support

Iconik also supports Motion Graphics Templates (MOGRT) in Adobe Premiere Pro. As teams share and collaborate through the iconik Adobe panel, they can use any MOGRT that’s been shared in a project. 

3. Tracking Feedback in the Timeline

Tracking feedback is important for editors, and now iconik can update comments on any existing media clips that have been imported to a project’s timeline via iconik's Adobe panel. This means it's harder for busy editors to miss important feedback. Iconik comments are preserved as markers in Premiere, so each comment can stay with the media through the entire editing process.

4. Custom Proxy Settings with the iconik Edit Proxy Transcoder

Iconik has added a new Edit Proxy transcoder that supports higher-quality proxies. Users can customize this transcoder with resolutions from 480p all the way to full resolution and bitrates from 5Mbps to 30Mbps. Editors can choose the settings that give the exact amount of detail they need.

5. Audio Mapping + Support for Multiple Audio Tracks

Also new this year is the support for audio mapping and multiple audio tracks when using the iconik panel to import video into Adobe Premiere Pro, which is an absolute necessity for proxy editing. Read more

These new additions to iconik give editors the control they need to accelerate their creative process with edit-proxy workflows. 

We are Backlight!

Iconik, a Backlight business, has good company in the CSI award shortlist, two other Backlight business units have also been nominated for their solutions - Zype for "Best TV Everywhere or Multi-screen Video" and Wildmoka for "Best Use of AI or Machine Learning in Video".

More about the CSI Awards

Established in 2003, the CSI Awards are among the most prestigious and competitive technology awards in the industry, designed to recognize and reward innovation and excellence in the cable, satellite, broadcast, IPTV, telco, broadband/OTT video, mobile TV and associated sectors.

To view the entire 2022 CSI Awards shortlist, please visit here.

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Steve Ferris
Marketing and Content Creation | iconik

Steve Ferris is content creator and marketer from Indiana, USA who is based in Stockholm Sweden with his family. Since 2019, he's been with iconik using his 20 years experience in storytelling to share the stories around iconik and media professionals.

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