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iconik Reveals Versioning at IBC 2019

Published on
August 22, 2019

iconik Reveals Versioning at IBC 2019

Steve Ferris
Published on
August 22, 2019
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Great stories happen when a character is thrust into a series of events, and the action carries them away to new and amazing places. This year, the journey of iconik has been much the same. It has developed and grown so quickly—even faster than we expected.

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Since IBC 2018, iconik has expanded with new features like:

  • [Notifications](
  • [PDF support](
  • [Bring your own AI licenses](
  • [Integration with Backblaze B2 storage](
  • [Shared collections](
  • [Player In/out marker buttons](
  • [Forced metadata for uploads](
  • [Mapping XMP/IPTC metadata](

One of the improvements we’re most excited for is just about to be released.


The upcoming versioning feature in iconik allows users to continue to update the same asset while being able to easily keep track of its history and the conversations around it. If needed, you can always revert to a previous version as well. This addition brings iconik another giant leap forward as one of the smartest media management tools on the market.

The mission of iconik has been to empower everyone to manage media, in a way that suits them, by creating a platform that can be configured for their needs.

We will be walking through all these new developments at IBC 2019.

Come see us in Amsterdam, September 13th-17th.

We will be at booth 7.D67 with our partners:

[BackBlaze]( Online Backup for $6/month. B2 Cloud Storage for $0.005/GB/mo.

[iXsystems]( Enterprise Servers & Storage Solutions for OpenSource

[OpenDrives]( Data storage for high resolution video & imaging

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