April 30, 2020
iconik | Webinar Series
Steve Ferris

The iconik team has a Slack channel for the NAB Show, and as it has been canceled this year, that channel is full of sad emojis as the calendar reminds us that we’re missing time in Vegas with our customers and partners. But as the old saying goes…

“The show must go on—to a webinar.”

We’ve been listening to everyone’s questions about iconik, and we’ve prepared a series of webinars full of answers, how-to’s, sneak peeks, and real-time demos to show what’s possible in iconik.

iconik webinar list

Watch the Webinars Here

First Look at New Features in iconik

In this webinar, we demo new and features like transcription, draw-on annotations, and versioning. Watch Now

How to Get Started with iconik

This webinar will demonstrate what it’s like to go from a fresh, empty account all the way through to setting up users, metadata models, iconik Storage Gateways to manage on-premise storage, and ingest your first batch of content into iconik.
Watch Now

Setting up a 100% Cloud-Native Editing Suite

Join iconik, and BASE Media Cloud as we work between continents to create a video in an entirely cloud-based workflow. We will walk through the entire process of how to upload content, edit remotely, and go through a review and approval process for our video.
Watch Now

Storage Management in iconik

We will show how quickly iconik can manage media from different storage locations. The demo will show real-time ingestion, exporting, and transferring files between storage locations.
Watch Now

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