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Is Your Media Protected Against New Threats?

Published on
December 5, 2023
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Is Your Media Protected Against New Threats?

Steve Ferris
Published on
December 5, 2023
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The great thing about the information age is that information in the form of facts, figures, and media,  flows freely for our benefit. This is also what makes the information age so frightening. As information flows and opportunities abound, organizations find themselves ascending with technological advancements and descending as they are exposed to an array of threats.

The prevalence of cyber threats from breaches triggered by malware and ransomware to stealthy zero-day exploits, has organizations worldwide grappling with their immediate need for robust security. The staggering costs of a ransomware breach, averaging $4.62 million, serve as a stark reminder of the financial implications that can result from lax security. 

In this era of constant connectivity, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) lurk in the shadows, wielding sophistication and persistence in their attempts to infiltrate systems and networks. These targeted assaults, often starting as opportunistic endeavors, morph into relentless campaigns by malicious actors aiming to establish control over sensitive digital territories.

As we explore the ever-evolving landscape of digital security, it becomes evident that media assets have become prized targets for hackers and pirates alike. The allure of unreleased media, including films, games, and other creative works, drives hackers and pirates to compete to seize valuable intellectual property. The repercussions of leaks, which tarnish brand reputations, hinder sales and incur significant recovery costs, highlight the severe impact of these breaches.

Can Your Media Supply Chain Withstand a Threat?

In the domain of media tech, where innovation is the norm and connectivity is unparalleled, the question of media security has taken on greater significance. The growing scope of cyber threats and attacks challenges organizations to ensure the safety of their valuable media assets. A study sponsored by Hewlett Packard sheds light on this concerning reality, revealing a collective struggle within the global technology and security community to effectively combat cybercriminals.

The insights gained from the study of 1,848 technology and security professionals worldwide, reveal a stark truth: the majority of organizations are struggling to maintain effective defenses in the face of relentless cyber threats. The figures are as telling as they are concerning:

  • A mere 30% of respondents express confidence in their current ability to confront the dynamic landscape of cyber threats. This uncertainty highlights the ever-evolving nature of these threats and the risks they pose to organizations.
  • Only 35% of respondents believe their network is unbreached, underscoring the pervasive nature of cyber vulnerabilities. This statistic highlights the need for most organizations to reevaluate their cybersecurity measures.
  • Interestingly, 47% of organizations classified as highly effective are confident in their assertion that their networks remain unbreached. This 12% difference highlights the effect of better preparedness.
  • Remarkably, 67% of these highly effective organizations claimed to have detailed visibility into all users and devices interacting with their systems. This statistic reflects the importance of holistic monitoring and management in maintaining a secure digital ecosystem. In contrast, a mere 20% of other respondents express confidence in their visibility measures.

These findings are a wake-up call for all organizations, regardless of their stature, industry, or geographic location. The digital world's fluidity and the evolving tactics of cyber attackers necessitate constant vigilance and adaptation.

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