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Looking Beyond MAM In a Hybrid World

Published on
October 19, 2023
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Looking Beyond MAM In a Hybrid World

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Published on
October 19, 2023
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MAM solutions that haven’t prioritized the visibility of assets, regardless of where they are stored, limit their value. Dispersed workforces are a reality, and people need to be able to access their assets from anywhere. As such, with people and data in more places, traditional, on-premise MAMs that historically have worked well for centralized physical work environments are now less effective and are no longer a sustainable solution. 

Hybrid Cloud Solutions to the Rescue

More data is globally migrating to the cloud. As this unfolds, we will see individual organizations customizing the migration process. Hybrid cloud storage structures facilitate migration best by incorporating on-premise and cloud storage. Since a hybrid cloud model combines both, it offers much more flexibility and scalability than traditional on-premise solutions.

Iconik was built for the hybrid cloud, meaning it can manage media on both cloud and on-premise storage. As the cost of cloud storage drops, more companies are taking advantage of this to become more agile. Hybrid cloud empowers individuals with faster, simpler access to the assets they need, essentially bringing their workflows closer to the data, rather than having to navigate laborious and clunky processes to bring the data to the work. Additionally, with a hybrid cloud, the organizational layer iconik provides can always remain intact—even when changes are made to the organizational structure of the storage it references. 

This year our statistics showed that the hybrid cloud data split was consistent with previous years with 67% cloud and 33% on-premise.

Managing Assets Outside of a MAM with External Links

Iconik takes things a step further – it doesn’t just manage assets that live on your laptops, NAS, cloud storage, or wherever else; it can also store external links in its organizational structure, further reinforcing it as a powerful solution for remote teams.

Assets live in a diverse collection of online destinations—we know iconik users work with everything from Google Docs to Celtx scripts to Figma files. That’s why we’ve brought even more value to our hybrid cloud MAM by allowing users to share and access external links from inside the system using Link Assets. A Link Asset is an asset inside iconik without any associated files. Essentially, it provides a gateway that lets users connect iconik with external sources or documents hosted elsewhere. Link Assets can also integrate with external systems, like a CMS or project management tool. This provides a way to link to tasks, articles, or other resources directly from inside iconik. 

Not only can Link Assets be accessed and integrated with external systems but they can also be found and grouped with related assets in collections. For example, users can create a media collection for a marketing product launch campaign, where they can also add relevant documents and live web links. Including Link Assets in this way means iconik becomes an even more effective tool for sharing files and can significantly benefit teams that frequently use iconik to deliver vast or complex content to external partners.

Access to More = Doing More

As more organizations move to cloud-based MAM solutions and their teams become increasingly remote, their effectiveness will scale with the number of sources they can access within their media management system. 

By equipping people with hybrid solutions, external links, and more collaborative solutions for media management, iconik can tackle modern work demands with a flexible, accessible approach to managing media that fits into any way of working.

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