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Share Files Directly to iconik with MASV

Published on
November 2, 2021
Ankit Verma, MASV

Share Files Directly to iconik with MASV

Ankit Verma, MASV
Published on
November 2, 2021
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Media production—whether it be for film, television, or digital—has embraced remote work indefinitely. As a result, there is a critical need for intelligent cloud tools to help store, manage, and (quickly) deliver media files to various remote parties for easy collaboration.

It’s why we at MASV are excited to announce that our large file transfer service has a new integration with iconik, the leading media management platform for creative workflows.

MASV + iconik: A Match Made in Heaven ☁️

The integration is a simple one but it has a significant impact on cloud media production.

  1. Iconik is used to gather and organize media files in one central location. Creatives can store, tag, review, and collaborate on digital media files from anywhere. Perfect for keeping track of dailies and signing off on selects in a single environment.

  2. MASV is a cloud-native file sharing service for truly massive files. We’re talking hundreds of gigabytes—even terabytes of data. Users can send and receive entire folder structures—without zipping—to an email address or cloud storage. All files are sent at max speed along a secure network of 150 global servers and backed by a Trusted Partner Network assessment; a recognized content protection security initiative spearheaded by the Motion Picture Association.

Starting today, users sending media files through a MASV Portal can select their iconik account as a Cloud Connect integration, which automatically delivers the package to iconik storage without the need for human intervention.

Here’s why that matters:

Save Time on Upload and Download

With MASV and iconik’s cloud-to-cloud connection, not only can users automate the mundane task of physically moving files, they don’t have to download large amounts of data to their desktop only to re-upload to an iconik storage.

This saves hours in production time as post-production professionals are freed up to work on other tasks while footage is transferred in the background.

No More Admin Headaches

Another way MASV and iconik drastically improves collaboration is by bypassing the need for permissions and login credentials for contributors.

Teams that work in iconik will have access via their own login. But what of the freelancer who was hired to help with a last-minute request? Or a client who has a batch of footage to send from a remote location?

In that case, simply send a link to a MASV Portal and collect files from multiple sources without sharing access to iconik. A MASV Portal acts as a personalized landing page to receive files. With an iconik Cloud Connect in place, any files uploaded to a Portal will route to iconik as well.

This is also an added security benefit. All MASV transfers are encrypted and can be password-protected; admins don’t need to grant access to occasional contractors therefore minimizing the risk of external cybersecurity threats; and IT teams don’t need to reconfigure firewalls or VPNs which makes them more efficient.

Faster Transfers and Smarter Storage for Video

Unlike services like Google Drive or WeTransfer that implement data caps and choke transfer speeds, MASV and iconik are specifically designed to handle the demands of media & entertainment.

MASV is used by remote production teams to transfer RAW 4K+ footage globally while iconik’s AI metadata sourcing and captioning makes it much easier to organize and search for files beyond just file naming conventions.

Collaborate in the Cloud

With the new MASV and iconik integration, remote media professionals can improve their creative workflow by ingesting media directly into their iconik account using MASV’s suite of file transfer tools.

If you’re an iconik customer who wants to receive all future deliveries directly in your iconik account, sign up for a free trial of MASV and get 100 GB free towards your next transfer.

If you already use MASV and want a powerful cloud platform to manage all your media, request a trial with iconik.

Give iconik a try

Schedule a personalized iconik demo with one of our experts and start your free trial today.

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Ankit Verma, MASV
Editorial Manager | MASV

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