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iconik - The Story So Far

Published on
July 2, 2018
Helen Weedon

iconik - The Story So Far

Helen Weedon
Published on
July 2, 2018
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Following the initial launch, we have been working hard to deliver new and amazing features to iconik. So in case you are not sure what those are, we wanted to quickly walk you through the main updates since launch. These include:

1. Backblaze B2 Support

B2 is an cloud storage solution from Backblaze which we love. Both companies have similar mindset and view on cloud market and also the impact of the cloud on media workflows. Integrating with B2 as a supported cloud storage in iconik was a no-brainer.

Just hook up your B2 bucket in iconik and start a scan. All your assets will be indexed and searchable within iconik. Simple as that!

2. Adobe CC Panel

Our panel just got more powerful with the support of proxy workflows for Adobe Premiere Pro. Now you can right-click on each asset and open it using the proxy format instead of the hi-res. At any time during your edit you can choose to reconnect the hi-res file which downloads (if necessary) and switches the formats.

The panel now also supports storing the Premiere project file in iconik, which you can view here.

We also made the panel compatible with After Effects. This allows you to search and open files in iconik directly through the panel in After Effects.

3. Branding Support

Adding your own logo to your account is important. So we added the support for that. But we also added the support for adding group specific logos. This allows you to have a main account logo (e.g. your company logo), and create groups within your account with different logos (e.g. your customer’s logo).

4. Custom Actions

Custom Actions is a pretty powerful way of customising iconik with your own features. A custom action is like a manually triggered webhook from within the iconik GUI and which calls e.g. your script or app on a configured server. You can inject your own custom actions in various places in the UI, including the search results page and asset page and configure it to send different types of calls (POST/OPEN) and also associate metadata from the specific entity on that page (e.g. Asset/Collection). An example could be to trigger an external workflow like transcription or a custom ingest workflow.

5. Single Sign On with SAML

iconik now supports SAML based authentication for single sign on. You can now set up your iconik accounts to be authenticated using Google Apps authentication and ADFS for example.

6. Statistics and Consumption

We added a pretty neat statistics page that gives you a clear overview of how you’ve been utilising the service over time. This includes statistics on how much storage you’ve used on monthly basis, monthly active users, egress, and transcodes.

7. Cantemo Portal Integration

iconik is of course tightly integrated with Cantemo Portal. You can set up automated rules in Portal to push content and metadata to iconik.

That is a lot of features if we say so ourselves! You can check out the full release notes here.

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Helen Weedon
PR Consultant | Radical Moves PR

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