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Uninter University Achieves 50% More Productivity and 90% Less Costs with iconik

Published on
June 16, 2023
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Uninter University Achieves 50% More Productivity and 90% Less Costs with iconik

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Published on
June 16, 2023
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  • Uninter University is an international university center with over 550,000 graduates and 400 courses.
  • Iconik is a part of Uniter’s solution for remote and cloud editing to support up to 20 studios recording with local and remote editors.
  • Iconik offered better integration, data security, and centralized media capabilities than competitors
  • With iconik, Uninter achieved a 50% increase in productivity and a 90% decrease in operating costs.

Watch this customer story from our Brazil based partners at DriveSys—English captions are available.

Uninter University is a renowned international university center that sets the bar high for education with over 550,000 graduates and 400 courses available, from undergraduate to doctoral levels, offered both in-person and through distance learning options. With 17 studios and a capacity for 20k classes per year, the university is a pioneer in education.

The Challenge

In late 2019, Uninter sought a solution for remote and cloud editing that would support up to 20 studios recording at once while distributing content seamlessly to local and remote editors. Together with Drivesys, they found the answer in iconik, which integrated flawlessly with existing systems and delivered data security both on-site and in the cloud.

The Solution

After recording sessions were completed, the media was stored on Rockit storage that was monitored by an iconik Storage Gateway (ISG), which indexed the content and pushed proxy versions to the cloud so that editors could access the class videos via the iconik cloud MAM. From there, editors could remotely edit their projects using the iconik panel for Adobe Creative Suite. This simplified the editing process and allowed for improved organization and remote access for each editor to receive daily instructions through iconik, upload completed projects for review, and access high-resolution media.

The Results

Uninter's adoption of iconik led to remarkable results, including a 50% increase in productivity and a 90% decrease in operating costs. These improvements continued beyond the pandemic, proving that embracing cloud editing technology was a wise investment in Uninter's future.

Uninter's journey with iconik demonstrates how forward-thinking institutions can leverage new technologies to boost productivity and streamline operations. The success story shared here will inspire others to explore similar solutions – ultimately driving progress and innovation within an ever-evolving educational landscape.

We are grateful to our integration partners at DriveSys for this great customer story and inspired to see how they have implemented iconik to advance innovative education.

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