Iconik Releases Latest Updates

July 13, 2021

Smart media management solution, iconik has been updated to enable users to work faster and have more control of their data. Enhancements in the latest version include the addition of warning labels, metadata subcategories, and the ability to change proxy resolutions and bitrates.

With warning labels, users can add warnings around usage restrictions, rights expirations, or other important factors to individual assets. These can be added in iconik or via the iconik API to trigger warnings from thirdparty solutions. The warnings appear at the top of the assets and enable users to very quickly see all the limitations associated with each individual piece of content to avoid any accidental infringements.

Thanks to the metadata subcategories feature, only the most important data will be shown for an asset or collection. Stripping out irrelevant fields makes it much easier and quicker to get to the relevant information.

The latest version also offers users the ability to choose to view high resolution proxies. Low resolution proxies help save on bandwidth, but at those times when high resolution is required, users can now adjust those settings to determine resolution and bitrate needed in the transcoder settings.

Parham Azimi, CEO, iconik, commented: “Our customers need smart management tools that can adapt as their needs evolve. With iconik we are continually rolling out a steady stream of new features to respond to changing requirements. These feature updates are also designed to further reduce the complexity of managing media so that our users can get on with creating great content.”

Find out more about the latest release in the iconik summer release blog post.


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